MacServPro userlist notes

For the most part, the userlist page ought to be pretty much self-explanatory: it displays the users currently on #macintosh, providing their nickname, userhost, and realname. But there are a few subtleties that probably ought to be pointed out.

Users are marked in red if they're channel ops, and in green if they're +v. If a user is both opped and +v (which is rare, but happens occasionally), they'll be displayed in yellow. IRC operators are not indicated in any special color; MSP just doesn't have that information.

Idle users have darkened lines in the userlist; the longer the idle time, the darker it gets. This data comes from the MSP spoke database, so it reflects the length of time since the user last spoke on #macintosh rather than their client's idle time. /away has no effect.

This CGI is able to directly access the live MSP database, so the userlist is updated continuously as users join/part the channel. It's set to refresh automatically every 60 seconds, but you can reload it faster than that if you want. The spoke records are not directly accessible to the CGI, but they are synchronized regularly (currently every 60 seconds, but that may change in the future).

The data should nearly always be accurate, but if MSP is down for some reason, the userlist CGI will show the userlist as it was last recorded. If you see only MacServPro and perhaps a few more users in the channel, then it may be on the wrong side of a netsplit. Finally, as the bot connects to the server or rejoins a channel, it can take up to a few minutes to synchronize its internal userlist with the IRC server. You can also use the old MacServ userlist in these situations, but it only updates every five minutes or so.

In the future, I'd like to be able to add the ability to view the channel topic and other relevant information on this page too. But that requires a few pretty substantial changes, so it's not likely to happen soon.

You can return to the userlist CGI or the main MacServPro page.

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